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Oct 22, 2019
Tue 7:08PM
World Series: Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals - Home Game 1, Series Game 1
Oct 23, 2019
Wed 7:07PM
World Series: Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals - Home Game 2, Series Game 2
Oct 25, 2019
Fri 8:07PM
World Series: Washington Nationals vs. Houston Astros - Home Game 1, Series Game 3
Oct 26, 2019
Sat 8:07PM
World Series: Washington Nationals vs. Houston Astros - Home Game 2, Series Game 4
Oct 27, 2019
Sun 8:07PM
World Series: Washington Nationals vs. Houston Astros - Home Game 3, Series Game 5 (If Necessary)
Oct 29, 2019
Tue 7:07PM
World Series: Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals - Home Game 3, Series Game 6 (If Necessary)
Oct 30, 2019
Wed 7:08PM
World Series: Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals - Home Game 4, Series Game 7 (If Necessary)
Feb 22, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. Washington Nationals
Feb 23, 2020
Spring Training: Washington Nationals vs. Houston Astros (Split Sqaud)
Feb 24, 2020
Mon 1:05PM
Spring Training: Detroit Tigers vs. Houston Astros
Feb 25, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. Miami Marlins
Feb 26, 2020
Spring Training: New York Mets vs. Houston Astros (Split Sqaud)
Feb 26, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Split Squad)
Feb 27, 2020
Spring Training: Washington Nationals vs. Houston Astros
Feb 28, 2020
Fri 1:05PM
Spring Training: Miami Marlins vs. Houston Astros
Feb 29, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. New York Mets
Mar 1, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. St. Louis Cardinals
Mar 3, 2020
Spring Training: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Houston Astros
Mar 4, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. Miami Marlins (Split Squad)
Mar 5, 2020
Spring Training: Boston Red Sox vs. Houston Astros
Mar 6, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. New York Mets
Mar 7, 2020
Spring Training: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Houston Astros
Mar 8, 2020
Spring Training: New York Mets vs. Houston Astros
Mar 9, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. Detroit Tigers
Mar 10, 2020
Spring Training: Houston Astros vs. New York Mets (Split Squad)
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Houston Astros Tickets

Forgive yourself if the Houston Astros’ evil plot deceived you. The Astros spent most of 2013 convincing the rest of Major League Baseball that they were in a downward spiral, and it was a convincing act. Houston managed to lose over 100 games for the third straight season (111 in 2013), and post the worst win-loss mark in the big leagues. A double-digit losing streak to finish the season was the icing on the cake and sent Astros ticket holders home wondering when they would see some life in their team. The answer to that question is 2014. Very quietly, Houston is taking on the look of an improving ballclub, bolstered by thrifty management finally cut loose and some hefty dividends by the farm system.
The Moves for 2014
The Astros spent most of 2013 in evaluations and jettisoning big contracts and dead weight. Carlos Pena is now gone and Jose Veras traded away along with Bud Norris. By the time the dust settled Houston found itself with minimal payroll and plenty of room to move blossoming talent to the forefront. Houston Astros tickets will get fans in to see a team in the making in 2014. Jared Cossart and Brett Oberholtzer will anchor a pitching rotation that shows promise. The addition of Scott Feldman is another plus, provided his recovery from knee surgery is complete.
On the field, Houston has an improving roster. Robbie Grossman and George Springer will fill two critical spots in the outfield and new acquisition Dexter Fowler rounding things out. As for the infield, it looks like a work in progress but fans will enjoy the new look with Matt Dominguez handling third, Jonathan Villar at short, and more than likely Jason Castro will have primary duty behind the plate.
The Astros in the AL West
There is little doubt that the Houston Astros have a ways to go before they can win the AL West. All indications though, are that Houston has gotten serious, swallowed their medicine, and are getting healthier by the day. The farm system is beginning to pay dividends, the money saving moves gained the team some space, and the free agency period has yielded solid if not spectacular players. All that remains is for the Astros to put it all together in a winning package. Will Astros ticket holders see their heroes topple the Rangers and Athletics from the top of the heap in the AL West? That might be a little further down the road, but this Astros team will be a major improvement from what Houston baseball fans have gotten the last three seasons. And that’s a good thing.

Astros ticket preview for 2013

Look out for Houston Astros tickets -- They might just deliver the biggest bang for your buck out of all MLB tickets.

Expectations are low in Houston. Those crafty oddsmakers in Las Vegas have pegged the Astros to win the fewest games in all of baseball. But you know what? Vegas has been wrong before.
Yes, the Astros are young. And yes there are some major questions that must be addressed. But these were the same issues young teams like the Orioles and A's faced last season.
Both of those teams' tickets quickly became hot items, when they made surprising runs and challenged for division crowns.

Who's to say Houston Astros tickets can't deliver similar surprises this season?
It certainly won't be easy, though. The Astros jump from the National League to the brutal American League West Division this season. They'll be forced to deal with the Los Angeles Angels, who are considered one of the favorites to win the World Series.
Astros tickets will be in demand for games against the Angels for sure.
The Angels are only the beginning of the story in the difficult AL West. The Seattle Mariners have the potential to surprise this year, as do those pesky A's. Don't forget the powerful Texas Rangers, either. There will be plenty of big showdowns in the Lone Star state this season.
The Astros will be led by three budding young starts in Justin Maxwell, J.D. Martinez and Jose Altuve. Maxwell hit 18 home runs last season, including several monster blasts that wowed crowds and Minute Maid Park. Martinez came through in the clutch often and finished with a team-high 55 RBIs. Altuve was Mr. Consistency. He led Houston with a .290 average and also finished with a team-best .340 on-base percentage.
That talented threesome not only gives Houston a bright future, but also gives Astros fans hope for this year.

As you can tell, Houston Astros tickets have the potential to deliver some exciting baseball in 2013. So grab your Astros tickets today and prepare for a season of thrills on the diamond.

Houston Astros Tickets – Working it Out

The Houston Astros hit a wall in 2010 but over the long haul this has been one of the more successful MLB franchises and hopes are high that 2011 will be better. The Astros went on a minor tear over the latter half of the season, finishing at 59-52 after a rough start. For the 2011 Astros season manager Brad Mills is depending on his pitching rotation to pick up where they left off and by bringing in a pair of solid bats in Bill Hall and Clint Barmes, Houston should see a much welcomed improvement in their run production. One other thing the Astros have going for them is a seeming flux in the NL central. While the Cardinals have been dominant, the Reds captured the title year. In other words, the NL central may be up for grabs and it won’t take a lot for Houston Astros tickets to end up on the top of the heap in the division in 2011.
Houston Astros Tickets – The Pitching
The Houston Astros didn’t get off to a great start but they did manage an impressive finish. The Astros pitching staff finished 3rd in the National League with a 3.42 ERA after the mid-point of the season. Led by Brett Myers, who had the best season of his career in 2010, the Astros feature a rotation that has good depth and versatility. Wandy Rodriguez, currently pegged as the #2 starter, will be watched closely with the hope he can continue the hot streak of 2010. Lefty J.A. Happ was a welcome addition, and performed nicely in the latter half of the season. The Astros are also hoping for big things from the young arm of Bud Norris, who came back well from injury and solidified his spot in the lineup.
It’s on offense that an improvement could make Astros tickets pay off. Projected leadoff Michael Bourn is dangerous once he gets on base, having claimed the NL title in that category once before. Newcomer Clint Barmes is slated to take over the #2 spot in the lineup. While his .235 batting average isn’t great, he tends to hit well in pressure situations. Hunter Pence hit 25 home runs last season and scored 91 RBI, his best season to date. Will Carlos Lee regain his previous form? That’s a big question. Finally, second year man Chris Johnson could make a name for himself. He had an impressive rookie performance, hitting .308 with 52 RBI.
Pick Your Houston Astros Tickets
Right now there are two sets of Houston Astros tickets that come highly recommended. With the National league Central as wide open as any division in baseball, Astros tickets to see the Cardinals and Reds when they come to Minute Maid Park are excellent choices. The rest of the season will be sprinkled with visits from Boston, the Yankees, Cubs, and Padres, along with the resurgent Mets and the powerful Phillies. So take advantage of the opportunity to see Houston battle to unseat their division rivals and get Astros tickets from when the big game rolls around.

National League
Central Division
Houston Astros

In the state of Texas, when you talk about baseball, you're talking about the Houston Astros. 
Fans have been lining up for Houston Astros tickets since 1962, when the Astros began as the Colt 
.45s. The name may have changed, and they no longer play in the iconic and trend-setting Astrodome, 
but fans are still fired up and snatch up Astros tickets as soon as they go on sale. Minute Maid 
Park is always full of fans eager to have a great time and to see some great Major League Baseball.
The Astros may not be a real powerhouse of a baseball team (they've only appeared in one World 
Series, in 2005), but the team and its owners contributed greatly to modern Major League Baseball. 
They introduced the first domed stadium in the history of the sport, and invented the notorious 
artificial turf known as AstroTurf. Now, they play on real grass, but fans in Minute Maid Park 
seats are still protected from the Houston humidity with a retractable roof. Minute Maid Park, 
built in 2000, is a truly great modern baseball park. Houston Astros ticket holders are in for 
a sweet treat, as Minute Maid Park has every amenity you could expect and more. Perhaps you 
could say that the Houston Astros ticket to success is the hitter-friendly design of the ball 
park, where fans can be assured to see plenty of home runs along the left- and right field lines. 
In a challenge to big hitters, Astros owner Drayton McLane's glass office windows are in the direct 
path of home run hitters, and are marked as 442 feet from home plate. A Houston Astros ticket gets 
you in to a great baseball experience. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly atmosphere 
for your kids, a rocking time with your friends, or an easily-organized company outing, a set of 
Minute Maid Park tickets can't be beat. You're guaranteed to have a great time when the Houston 
Astros take the field, whether you are rooting for the home team or the visitors. Don't miss 
out on any of the action with Houston Astros tickets!


Houston Astros ticket info - MLB Baseball

Lots of Reasons to Buy Houston Astros Tickets This Season

Emotions are heating up in Houston for the 2007 season, and Astros tickets are going faster than Roger Clemen’s fast ball. After losing the NL central title last year and losing the World Series in 2005, they’ve got something to prove - and they’ll be taking no prisoners this season. Manager Phil Garner is sure to have some tricks up his sleeve this year, and with some new players on the roster it’s sure to be a one filled with excitement.

The Astros have had their set backs in the last two years, but with the confidence and strategy of “Scrap-Iron” Phil Garner, they are getting right back on track. Garner was with the outfit when they lost the World Series and the NL central title in the last two years, but his poise has not wavered. He’s spent the off-season making sure the offense is ready to go, and has brought on some fresh blood for the team, which is sure to up Astros ticket sales.

Fans will be cheering for the heavy hitter Craig Biggio this year and hoping that soon enough he’ll be calling his home run’s like Babe Ruth did. Along with Biggio, the outfielder Carlos Lee, who is one of the sports top-run producers, signed with the Astros which will bring some spunk to the field. With the loss of Roger Clemons, the Astros will be showcasing newly acquired pitchers Woody Williams and Jason Jennings, which will surely bring a brighter mind-set to the team and add something for Astros ticket holders to look forward to.

Take Me Out to the Ball Park with Minute Maid Park Tickets

If the notoriously humid weather of Houston is deterring, have no worries; the Minute Maid Park features a retractable roof, giving fans the protection they need with the feel of being outside. Don’t be afraid to bring a lap top along to the game where Astros ticket holders can access the internet with the stadiums Wi-Fi connection - just be careful of the hitter-friendly zone out in left field where you might get a ball in your lap. .

You’ll Want Houston Astros Tickets for these Big Match-Up’s

Don’t miss June 1-3rd when the Astros take on their division rivals the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals always shake things up when they are in Minute Maid Park, but the Astros have no fears this year. Also, Make sure to grab up tickets when the Astros play the Chicago Cubs on August 6-8th. Some intense action going down this year at Minute Maid Park!

Houston Astros ticket holders were bitterly disappointed after they watched the Astros post an 89 win season, knock off the Braves, handle the St. Louis Cardinals fairly easily, and advance to the World Series only to get blown out by the dominant Chicago White Sox. But take heart Astros fans, Minute Maid Park could easily be hosting another World Series game in 2006, and this time the Astros may be bringing home the bacon.

Houston will of course be relying on its pitching staff in the 2006 MLB Season. What contender doesn’t? But the Astros have tweaked and fiddled the lineup, and the few changes made to an already strong contender may push them over the edge in 2006. Let’s have a look.

The Astros were by no means dominant on the offensive side of the ball. That placed the burden of winnig squarely on the shoulders of the pitching staff. While money kept Houston from going on a binge, they did get Preston Wilson to man the outfield. His biggest contributions could come at the plate. Wilson has power and can deliver the ball to all points of the field. He needs to make better decisions on the breaking stuff and be more patient when he’s down in the count. Still, Wilson batted .260 with 25 home runs and 90 RBI. If he improves mentally, he’ll be a force. As leadoff, Craig Biggio batted .264. Good numbers but he is 40 years old. Another solid year is expected. Willy Taveras led the league in bunts and infield hits. He’s fast and he uses it well. Taveras batted .291 with 82 runs and 29 RBI. Lance Berkman can hit from both sides. He had a lot success going left and should continue to be productive.

The pitching staff, with or without Roger Clemens, looks solid again. Roy Oswalt and Andy Pettite are the core of the group. Brandon Backe can be very effective but needs a short hook if he’s not on his game. Following this threesome are lefty Wandy Rodriguez, and right hander Ezequiel Astacio, with top prospects waiting in Jason Hirsh and Fernando Nieve.

They got there in 2005 and it would be no surprise to the Houston Astros back in 2006. With no major losses and some additions that could prove pivotal, Houston will once again make Minute Maid Park a major focus of attention in the Central Division. Expectations are high and Astros tickets will one again hot items with avid MLB fans who know how to pick a winner. Will the Astros punch their World Series tickets again in 2006? Head for Minute Maid Park and decide for yourself.

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