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Mar 17, 2021
Wed 1:05PM
Spring Training: Chicago White Sox vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Mar 18, 2021
Thu 1:10PM
Spring Training: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Mar 19, 2021
Fri 6:05PM
Spring Training: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Texas Rangers
Mar 20, 2021
Sat 1:10PM
Spring Training: San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Mar 21, 2021
Sun 6:05PM
Spring Training: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants
Mar 22, 2021
Mon 6:40PM
Spring Training: Seattle Mariners vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Mar 23, 2021
Tue 1:10PM
Spring Training: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Mar 25, 2021
Thu 6:05PM
Spring Training: Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Mar 26, 2021
Fri 6:05PM
Spring Training: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics
Mar 27, 2021
Sat 12:05PM
Spring Training: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Cleveland Indians
Mar 28, 2021
Sun 6:07PM
Exhibition: Los Angeles Angels vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Mar 29, 2021
Mon 7:10PM
Exhibition: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Los Angeles Angels
Mar 30, 2021
Tue 7:10PM
Exhibition: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Los Angeles Angels
Apr 1, 2021
Thu 2:10PM
Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers - Home Opener
Apr 2, 2021
Fri 6:40PM
Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 3, 2021
Sat 6:10PM
Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 4, 2021
Sun 1:10PM
Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 19, 2021
Mon 7:10PM
Seattle Mariners vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 20, 2021
Tue 1:10PM
Seattle Mariners vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 29, 2021
Thu 6:40PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Apr 30, 2021
Fri 7:10PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
May 1, 2021
Sat 6:10PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
May 2, 2021
Sun 1:10PM
Milwaukee Brewers vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
May 3, 2021
Mon 6:40PM
Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
May 4, 2021
Tue 6:40PM
Chicago Cubs vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
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Los Angeles Dodgers ticket info

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers tickets are expensive in a down year, so it’s understandable to expect the prices to rise in 2014: the Dodgers come into the season as the odds-on favorite to win the 2014 World Series.

The reigning NL West-champion Dodgers are poised to repeat as division winners this season, owing to an offseason spending spree that rivals anything the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees are capable of doing.

Let’s just say that Dodgers tickets might reflect some of the front office’s willingness to throw that kind of money around.

This winter, Los Angeles made FA Zack Greinke the highest-paid pitcher in baseball at $24.5 million per year. The club also signed Korean LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu, FA Brandon League, and FA J.P. Howell. And this all comes on the heels of Clayton Kershaw signing a seven-year $215 million deal to remain with the Dodgers until he’s 32 years old.

With a new ownership group in place, the Dodgers are certainly turning heads this offseason and will look to make some noise on the field to back up their spending. Buying Dodgers tickets isn’t merely a diversionary activity for fans anymore; they expect their team to win. It seems like the front office is in lock step with that vision for the franchise too.

The Dodgers are projected to finish atop the NL West owing mostly to their pitching depth. Their starting rotation of Kershaw, Greinke, and Ryu can match up with any other top-three in baseball, and Dan Haren and Josh Beckett are solid options at no. 4 and no. 5 if they can bounce back from a poor season and an injury, respectively.

The only realistic challenge for the Dodgers in their pursuit of a second straight division title is injury, and that’s not a far-fetched thing to say. With their starting rotation and a lineup that includes Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, and Hanley Ramirez, Los Angeles is one of the most star-studded teams in the league, certainly tops in the NL West.

For those reasons, Dodgers tickets will likely afford fans a front-and-center look at a division champion and a World Series contender this season.

2013 LA Dodgers review

Los Angeles Dodgers tickets are a precious commodity as this storied franchise continues to draw throngs of fans to Dodger Stadium. Buy Dodgers tickets online and watch the best rotation in the major leagues dominate opposing lineups. The Dodgers acquired Zach Greinke and teamed him with Clayton Kershaw, a Cy Young Award winner, at the top of the rotation. Throw in former Red Sox ace Josh Beckett, who should benefit from a change in scenery, and Chad Billingsley, and you’ve got a fearsome cast of starters.
Greinke missed time in 2011 because of a broken rib but otherwise has been highly durable. He has thrown more than 200 innings in four of the past five seasons, so get your Los Angeles Dodgers tickets now and watch him work his magic.
Buy Los Angeles Dodgers tickets and see manager Don Mattingly field an awesome lineup featuring Carl Crawford, Hanley Ramirez and Matt Kemp. A 28-year-old superstar, Kemp erupted in 2011 for 39 home runs, 126 RBIs, 115 runs scored and 33 doubles. He was only able to play 106 games last season, but still managed to hit .303 with 23 home runs and 69 RBIs.

Crawford underwent Tommy John elbow surgery last year but has made a remarkable comeback after intense rehab. He will be part of what looks like an elite outfield. Buy Dodgers tickets online and see this dynamic team try to unseat the Giants at the top of the baseball world.
The Los Angeles Dodgers schedule will bring many of baseballs’ best into Chavez Ravine, including the archrival and world-champion San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, Colorado Rockies, Cincinnati Reds and New York Mets. The Dodgers have been playing in Los Angeles since 1958 and winning consistently for longer than that. This proud franchise has won 22 pennants, 11 division titles, six World Series titles and two wild-card berths.

The Dodgers most recently made the playoffs in 2009 and appear to have the talent to return to the glory days when Tommy Lasorda was manager. Buy Dodgers tickets online and don’t miss any of the drama at Dodger Stadium, or those famous Dodger Dogs.

LA Dodgers Tickets – Starting Over - Los Angeles looks to revamp

The LA Dodges are children caught in the middle of a divorce so to speak, and the effect hasn’t been good. But these Dodger kids are pretty resilient and it appears they’ll be doing quite well once the courtroom battles are over. GM Ned Colletti started his makeover before 2010 even ended, and the Dodgers have completely revamped their roster for the 2011 season. But what else would you expect from a franchise that has had very few losing seasons in the last two decades? If things aren’t working, the Dodgers change them pretty quickly.
In total, Colletti racked up on almost a dozen free agents and managed to hold on to significant pieces of the current roster. Hiroki Kuroda signed his name to a new contract and Ted Lilly, whom may expected to fly, is now locked down for another three seasons, much to the delight of Dodgers ticket holders. In addition, Colletti brought in John Garland to beef up the rotation. Remember, LA still has Clayton Kershaw and Chad Billingsley, so the end result is a high quality rotation, something the Dodgers ill need as they battle the Giants in the NL West.
Dodgers Tickets – Who’ll Step Up
Take a guy who hit 28 home runs last season and call him an underachiever? Matt Kemp got that label because he’s capable of so much more. Ne manager Don Mattingly is charged with finding a way to help Kemp reach his full potential. If he can flip the right switches, Kemp could have a banner season. The flip side is that Kemp could be challenged for star status by Andre Ethier, a newly minted All Star who hit the field running last season before a broken finger stalled his big run. If Mattingly can get this pair charged up, the Dodgers can definitely give the San Francisco Giants a run for their money in the division.
Dodgers Tickets Mean Business
It’s nice to see a storied franchise go to work when things get rough. That’s how they become storied. The LA Dodgers have gone through some rough times lately, both on the field and in the media, but winning will take care of those problems. With Don Mattingly at the helm, LA baseball fans have a new guy with a proven record to help them through this rough patch. A tweak here and a little roster addition should help LA get back in the thick of things. After the 2011 MLB regular season, these children of divorce could be hawking LA Dodgers tickets well into October.

National League
Western Division
Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers tickets have never been a hotter commodity since they signed 
one of Major League Baseball's hottest stars Manny Ramirez in 2008. He helped 
them clinch the 2008 National League Western Division title, giving Los Angeles 
Dodgers ticket holders a taste for success that they had started to forget. Be 
sure you get your Los Angeles Dodgers tickets today so you won't miss a second 
of the 2009 season in Dodger Stadium. From their beginnings as the Brooklyn 
Dodgers in Ebbets Field to the modern day Los Angeles Dodgers in Dodger Stadium, 
Major League Baseball ticket holders have been enamored with the Dodgers. The 
Boys in Blue have won six World Series titles and twenty-one National League 
pennants, giving Dodger ticket holders something to celebrate throughout the 
years. Their history has included such baseball greats as Jackie Robinson, 
Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges, Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, Fernando Valenzuela, 
and Mike Piazza. From your Dodger Stadium seat, you can literally feel the 
baseball history and memories of these great players all around you. Dodger 
Stadium has been the Dodgers' home since 1962 is currently the third oldest 
ball park used in Major League Baseball, behind Wrigley Field and Fenway Park. 
But that doesn't mean it's out-dated! Far from it! Because of recent 2005 
renovations, your Dodger Stadium seats have access to every amenity you'd expect 
from a professional baseball stadium. The field level seats are some of the 
best in the Big League, with lots of leg room and a great view. Future 
renovations include the development of "Dodgertown," the area outside the ball 
park where Dodger Stadium ticket holders will have access to a Dodger museum, 
parks, and a wide variety of shops and restaurants and shops. Your Los Angeles 
Dodgers tickets get you the best of the past and the future of Major League 
Baseball. Iconic Dodger Stadium has the ability to invoke powerful feelings 
of nostalgia for the way baseball was, and the great play of the current 
Dodgers provide hope for the future. Don't miss out on any of it with Los 
Angeles Dodgers tickets to Dodger Stadium!


L.A. Dodgers Baseball ticket info


Lots of Reasons to Buy Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

The Los Angeles Dodgers are coming out swinging in their 2007 season and giving Dodgers ticket holders something to look forward to. Not that Dodgers fans have to worry about entertainment much. With an exciting past season in 2006 due to Ned Colletti and Grady Little taking care of business, and enough rivalry’s to keep Dodgers fans begging for more, it’s sure to be a grand slam kind of year.

Last year the Dodgers came close enough to the World Series to leave a stain that they are dying to get rid of. However, the accomplishments of 2006, such as 11 consecutive wins and making it into the National League Division Series, has set a good foot hold on what needs to be done and has given Dodgers ticket holders optimism for a promising year. The new found attitude of the team can be attributed to general manager Ned Colletti, and manager Grady Little who not only turned the team around in 2006, but are continuing to due so into the present season.

If the new winning attitude of the team isn’t enough for Dodgers ticket holders, then the rivalries will put them over the wall. Best known is the rivalry with the San Francisco Giants that is over a century old, but this year the Dodgers have even more guff with the New York Mets who put them out of the National League Division Series in 06’, not to mention contention with the Yankees from the Dodgers New York days. 2007 should prove to be a year full of curve balls for the fans.

Take Me Out to the Ball Park with Dodger Stadium Tickets

Being one of the oldest stadiums around, Dodger Stadium is one full of tradition and character. The ball park almost never has a rain out, and as it sits on a hillside one could see the view of downtown Los Angeles from the stadium. It’s one of the few stadiums without a corporate sponsor, and yet it is flawlessly maintained. It would be a shame not to have Dodgers tickets this season and see this magnificent ball park.

You’ll Want Dodgers Tickets for these Big Match-Up’s

Don’t miss the Dodgers vs. their big rivals the Padres on April 13-15th. San Diego and L.A. don’t get along at Dodger Stadium, so it’s sure to be a sight to see. But most importantly, watch out for when they play their even bigger rivals the San Francisco Giants on April 24-26th. The Giants aren’t welcome in L.A., and they haven’t been for a long time. Fans – get tickets now for these fun-filled match-ups!

Whether you’re in Los Angeles to see one of the other great sports franchises like the Lakers, the Clippers, or the Mighty Ducks, enjoying a concert, attending a movie premiere, or just wandering off of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, one must not miss the opportunity to pick up some Los Angeles Dodgers tickets to see one of the most storied baseball clubs in history. Founded in Brooklyn in 1890, the LA Dodgers moved to their present location on April 10, 1962 and Dodger Stadium enjoys a scenic view overlooking downtown Los Angeles.

Along with the history of the franchise and all the players associated with that history, such as “Iron Man” McGinnity and Jackie Robinson, the LA Dodgers are proven winners. As a club they made an impressive eighteen World Series appearances and came out on top six of those times. The most recent World Series Title came in 1988 when the Dodgers bested Oakland after barely getting by the Mets in seven games behind Series MVP Orel Hershiser's five-hitter. Less than three weeks later Orel Hershiser was unanimously selected as National League's Cy Young Award winner.

Tommy Lasorda, perhaps the most famous LA Dodger of all time was only a player for two years as a left-handed pitcher, but he enjoyed many years as the Dodger Manager. He played for the Dodgers from 1954-55, but when he managed the team starting in 1976 the Dodgers went on to win two consecutive National League Titles and later two World Series Titles in 1981 & 1988. The Dodgers winning ways almost guaranteed that Los Angeles Dodger Tickets would be a much sought after commodity well into the 1990’s.

The early part of this century has seen Manager Jim Tracy steer the Dodgers in a positive direction with steady improvements every year, but always falling just short of a playoff appearance. After winning the National League West Division in 2004, there was a dramatic drop off in performance, which resulted in the team finishing fourth in their division behind rival Padres in 2005.

The LA Dodger faithful won’t let this letdown affect their love of such a great team. The season ticket holders as well as those looking to get a glimpse at history with their great seats will be 56,000 strong every game to support their beloved Dodger players. With new General Manager Ned Colletti and Jim Tracy being replaced after five great seasons by Grady Little, the Dodgers should be ready for a very competitive season filled with many victories. Be sure to pick up some Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets to a game today and be a part of history.

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