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Mar 17, 2021
Wed 6:05PM
Spring Training: Chicago Cubs vs. San Diego Padres
Mar 18, 2021
Thu 1:10PM
Spring Training: San Diego Padres vs. Oakland Athletics
Mar 20, 2021
Sat 1:10PM
Spring Training: San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Mar 21, 2021
Sun 1:10PM
Spring Training: San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Mar 22, 2021
Mon 1:05PM
Spring Training: Kansas City Royals vs. San Diego Padres
Mar 23, 2021
Tue 1:10PM
Spring Training: San Diego Padres vs. Cincinnati Reds
Mar 24, 2021
Wed 7:05PM
Spring Training: San Francisco Giants vs. San Diego Padres
Mar 25, 2021
Thu 6:40PM
Spring Training: San Diego Padres vs. Texas Rangers
Mar 26, 2021
Fri 6:40PM
Spring Training: San Diego Padres vs. Seattle Mariners
Mar 27, 2021
Sat 12:10PM
Spring Training: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. San Diego Padres
Mar 28, 2021
Sun 1:05PM
Spring Training: Cleveland Indians vs. San Diego Padres
Mar 29, 2021
Mon 12:10PM
Spring Training: San Diego Padres vs. Colorado Rockies
Apr 9, 2021
Fri 7:05PM
Texas Rangers vs. San Diego Padres
Apr 10, 2021
Sat 6:05PM
Texas Rangers vs. San Diego Padres
Apr 11, 2021
Sun 1:35PM
Texas Rangers vs. San Diego Padres
Apr 12, 2021
Mon 6:35PM
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. San Diego Padres
Apr 13, 2021
Tue 6:35PM
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. San Diego Padres
Apr 14, 2021
Wed 6:35PM
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. San Diego Padres
Apr 15, 2021
Thu 12:35PM
Pittsburgh Pirates vs. San Diego Padres
Apr 27, 2021
Tue 6:40PM
Arizona Diamondbacks vs. San Diego Padres
Apr 28, 2021
Wed 6:40PM
Arizona Diamondbacks vs. San Diego Padres
May 7, 2021
Fri 6:45PM
San Francisco Giants vs. San Diego Padres
May 8, 2021
Sat 1:05PM
San Francisco Giants vs. San Diego Padres
May 9, 2021
Sun 1:05PM
San Francisco Giants vs. San Diego Padres
May 10, 2021
Mon 6:40PM
Colorado Rockies vs. San Diego Padres
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San Diego Padres Ticket information and season ticket info

The San Diego Padres haven’t had a winning season since 2010, and you’d be hard-pressed to expect a season above .500 in 2014 from this club. Last season, the team managed a 76-86 record despite being ravaged by injuries; but in a division that’s becoming more difficult to compete in, the Padres are looking ahead to a tough season.

Chase Headley and Carlos Quentin will have to carry the load on offense, giving fans that buy Padres tickets their money’s worth in games at Petco Park. Headley had a sub-par 2013 season, failing to reach—admittedly high—expectations after a stellar 2012 campaign, although the thumb injury he suffered in spring training likely curtailed his performance. Quentin, the team’s cleanup hitter, will have the difficult task of driving in runs in one of MLB’s most pitcher-friendly parks.

Ian Kennedy, who is in his first full season with the club, will lead the Padres rotation. The departures of Clayton Richard and Edinson Volquez from the staff may end up helping the team more than expected, since both pitchers allowed 144 runs in 195 innings combined last season. Andrew Cashner and Josh Johnson both have upside ahead of this season, and will look to boost the Padres’ league-low rotation WAR from 2013, and possibly Padres ticket sales overall.

Petco Park seats 42,524 at maximum capacity and the fans are closer to the field than when the stadium opened in 2004, but there’s still no denying that it’s a tough place for offenses to score runs. The combination of the marine air in San Diego and the large dimensions of the park makes it very pitcher-friendly, which accounts for the relatively low runs-scored numbers in Padres home games each year.

The Padres are used to playing low-scoring games at home, much like how the home fans that buy Padres tickets are used to watching games that have total runs-scored lines of 5.5 on the betting board. Without the type of powerful lineup that a team like the division-rival Los Angeles Dodgers have, the Padres are expected to play more low-scoring games than any other in the NL West.

So if you’re buying Padres tickets this season, don’t expect Home Run Derby-type numbers at Petco Park.

2013 Padres preview

San Diego Padres tickets are your way to watch an up-and-coming team take on the National League’s best in beautiful Petco Park. The Padres finished 10 games under .500 last season and made several shrewd offseason moves that should have them in the thick of the NL West race. Chase Headley is the headliner in San Diego. Buy Padres tickets online and see Headley try to surpass the amazing numbers he put up last year: 31 home runs, 115 RBIs and 17 stolen bases. Petco Park is a pitcher-friendly park, making Headley’s production all the more impressive.

The San Diego Padres schedule is full of exciting matchups against rivals like the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies and Cincinnati Reds. Buy Padres tickets and watch as new pitchers Tyler Ross, Freddy Garcia and Jason Marquis show their stuff. Eric Stults could be the key to the rotation, however. Get your San Diego Padres tickets and watch Stults develop into one of the premier hurlers in baseball. He went 8-3 with a 2.92 ERA last season, and all signs point to a breakout year.

Buy San Diego Padres tickets online and watch as Bud Black, entering his seventh season as the team’s manager, leads this young club into contention. Black won the 2010 Manager of the Year Award, and deservedly so. Buy Pads tickets now and take in the atmosphere at Petco Park, which combines the best sight lines in baseball with breathtaking views of San Diego. The architecturally magnificent stadium is truly a jewel to behold.

This franchise started in 1969 and has known many moments of greatness. Buy San Diego Padres tickets now and join a tradition that includes five division titles and two National League pennants. While the Padres have never won a World Series, they have come close several times and it’s only a matter of time before Black leads this team to the promise land. Get your San Diego Padres tickets now and be part of the annual military appreciation event at Petco Park. The Pads were the first major sports team to start such a tradition. It’s another reason why you should buy San Diego Padres tickets now!

San Diego Padres Tickets – A New Start
The San Diego Padres appear to be starting from square one and that’s a good thing for the long term happiness of Padres tickets holders. Yes, they’ll certainly miss long term hero Adrian Gonzales, who was traded to the Red Sox, but the Padres seem to have gotten good value in return with four players slated to help the club in the long haul. And remember, this is a Padres club that was leading the National League in wins up until a September collapse. The pieces of the puzzle are still there. Once management puts them together, San Diego Padres tickets will reclaim their spot atop the National League.
Putting the Padres Together
Last season the San Diego Padres made their living on strong arms and playing defense. Expect more of the same from the 2011 Padres until the offense can begin to jell. On the mound San Diego will once again have Mat Latos tearing it up. Latos is looking to build off of a 14-10 campaign in 2010, featuring a 2.92 ERA. While there were doubts about his ability heading into the season, Latos cast them off easily and the Padres are confident they now have a pitching ace. Clayton Richards will man the #2 spot and he’s also coming off a 14-9 outing. After that is where San Diego goes hunting. Candidates for the rest of the rotation will come from a pool that includes Aaron Harang, Tim Stauffer, and probably Dustin Moseley.
If San Diego Padres tickets just get a little more offensive oomph, things could turn around very quickly. The Padres hope a healthy Will Venable can improve on his 13 home run total. Jason Bartlett, who came over from Tampa Bay, is a former All Star with plenty of bat. New second baseman Orlando Hudson mans the third spot, setting up Brad Hawpe, who has to fill the shoes of Adrian Gonzales. The rest of the lineup is a collection of solid but not spectacular hitters. San Diego will have to work on producing timely hits, but don’t expect any fireworks out of this club just yet, it’s not their style.
Padres Tickets – Competing in the NL West
This is a really open division once you get past the Giants. The San Diego Padres proved they can handle the NL West last year and the rest of the National League as well. With the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks both rebuilding, the LA Dodgers will be the closest thing to an even match for San Diego. But the divide between all these clubs is very thin. Competition in the NL West will be close and fans with Padres tickets will have plenty of chances to catch meaningful games in Petco Park.

National League
Western Division
San Diego Padres

Since 1969, the San Diego Padres have been bringing Major League Baseball 
action to the delight of Southern California fans. PETCO Park's seats are 
always filled with eager San Diego Padres ticket holders hopeful that this 
will be the season that the Padres finally bring a World Series title to San 
Diego. They've seen two National League Pennants in San Diego, now it's time 
for the big one. PETCO Park is a beautifully-designed open air ball park, 
with a sandstone and stucco façade, exposed steel, and dark blue seats. 
For a new stadium, it doesn't look like the current trend of red-brick retro 
stadiums, but it certainly has every luxury you could possibly want. PETCO 
Park ticket holders have access to the "Park at the Park," a lovely sloping 
grassy area outside the outfield fence, and there is a wide variety of concession 
stands, bars and restaurants throughout the ball park. San Diego Padres ticket 
holders always marvel at the inclusion of the Western Metal Building into PETCO 
Park's design. The historic brick building was scheduled to be demolished, but 
the designers were able to save it, and incorporate it directly into the park. 
It holds a store, suites, a restaurant, and rooftop PETCO Park seats. The corner 
of the building even serves as the left field foul pole! How's that for 
innovative design! You can see all that and more with San Diego Padres tickets.
The Padres last won the Western Division in 2006, but have sunk a bit since then. 
The 2008 season will be remembered by San Diego Padres ticket holders for the 99 
loses they suffered through. Manager Bud Black and GM Kevin Towers are determined 
to field a competitive team and are working diligently during the offseason to put 
together a team San Diego Padres ticket holders can really appreciate. Cy Young 
award winner and pitching ace Jake Peavy is the kind of player you can build a 
team around, and Padre fans see the future in his great pitching. The Padres 
will be back on top of the West in no time!


San Diego Padres ticket info - S.D. Padres

So Many Reasons to Get Padres Tickets this Season

With high expectations for another West Division title and hope for a debut at the 2007 World Series, the Padres have everything lined up for a successful season. The Padres have been holding on to the West Division title for the last couple years, butting heads with team-rivals the Giants and the Dodgers. Padres tickets are in high-demand this season, as fans get pepped up for another stretch of action in San Diego.

With new manager Bud Black signing on in late 2006, the Padres are optimistic for a year-full of victory. Bud’s experience in the field is sure to be a coaching advantage as he gets the Padres in full working condition for the new season. While this is Bud’s first time taking a management position, he hasn’t been short on offers. Bud was sought out by the Indians and the Red Sox, both of which he turned down. Luckily, the Padres convinced Bud to join them and help lead them to this year’s World Series.

A name to watch on the Padres is Adrian Gonzalez, a new addition to the team that has been getting some attention. Only 24 years old, Gonzalez is turning heads with his homer-hitting style. In his first season with the Padres, he lead the team in homeruns and batting average; quite an accomplishment for such a newcomer.

Take Me Out to the Ballpark with PETCO Park Tickets

PETCO Park tickets are a hot commodity this season, and Padres fans are wasting no time waiting for these in line. With its unique oceanic San Diego theme, PETCO Park is one of the top ballparks to visit in the country. It has been tagged as the best “Pitcher’s Park” in the league, good news for starting pitcher Jake Peavy. Ticket sales are high at the new stadium, selling out almost every game. It’s no surprise though – PETCO Park makes it easy to watch the game, in the stadium or on one of the 750 televisions throughout the park.

Don’t Miss These Key Match-Ups

There’s no question to why there’s so much tension on the west coast between the Padres, the Dodgers, and the Giants. With these three strong teams in a small stretch of California coast, it’s obvious they all want a piece of the West Division title (not to mention a visit to the World Series). The Padres will battle it out with both teams at PETCO Park, sure to be sell-out games in San Diego. Fans – don’t forget to pick up your Padres tickets; they will be going fast.

Being in California, San Diego the city is often overshadowed by Los Angeles and San Francisco, but as a baseball team the San Diego Padres could be the hottest thing going in baseball for the “The Golden State.” After moving out of Qualcomm Stadium where they played from 1969 until 2003, the Padres took up residence at Petco Park.

Because Petco Park has easy access by car Trolley, the Coaster, and busses, as well as having a design that gets fans lower and closer to the action, San Diego Padres tickets are once again in high demand. Petco Park was designed with the modern fan in mind as well as borrowing elements from the classic era of baseball with state-of-the-art fan amenities to suit every taste and budget.

The team itself enjoyed a very promising year in baseball, getting all the way to the National League Division Series where they faced a tough team in the St. Louis Cardinals. Although they came up short in that series, there is no reason to believe that this season will not be just as exciting as last year’s. After the death of teammate Mike Darr from an auto accident and a few sub par years the Padres can definitely say that it was their best year in recent history.

Interestingly enough, the last time San Diego Padres lost to the Cardinals in a play off series, they followed by making opening day history the following year. In a game against the Mets, the Padres had a 20th Century National League record of 11 runs in the sixth inning. If history repeats itself, then this could be your best time to get San Diego Padre Tickets.

This will be the third year that the Padres will call Petco Park home, and all the optimism surrounding the team should draw in new fans as well as bring back those who have supported the team through thick and thin. The history of past San Diego Padres players like Gary Sheffield, Ozzie Smith, Mark Davis, and League MVP Ken Caminiti should help to introduce a new generation to current San Diego Padres players and America’s pastime. Your San Diego Padres tickets are only a click of the mouse away, right here at

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